ChrisJay - Best Vines Video Compilation

Didnt realize it but thanks for the 100k yo
How to seduct someone
My nigga Chief Keef sick. #ChrisJay
When you eat all of something and theres no more
What yall know about this throwback?
When your girlfriend catch you liking another girl IG picture #chrisjay
That moment you go in your room when your parents make you mad then walk out like it never happened  #chrisjay
You dont know how many times I said this to people in my mind this morning
I am bored as hell
(Ghetto movie death scene pt.1) #ChrisJay #LNV #Bored #GrapeJuice
(JayFact: Tattoo on my left arm is Japanese for "Music") Robin Thicke - Lost Without You #MorningSong #ChrisJay
Those girls who NEED to have perfect selfies
How Im feeling this morning #ChrisJay
That spot is too crucial yo
Its yours
We all know that person who doesnt talk when their mad
The white persons mating call #ChrisJay
I was about to kiss you buuuut that breath... Sweet Jesus
People will take forever doing this I swear
It looks like Im talking to two people at once when Im dancing on this part (Migos - Hannah Montana) #ChrisJay
GP, Tx
That random chill that runs through your body when you least expect it #chrisjay
Am I the only one who lowers my music volume real fast around a cop? #chrisjay
.....I dont want to talk about it... #ChrisJay
The flying slap
I hate when females talk about other dudes around me
The ratchet anthem Pt.1 #ChrisJay
My life right now (Deleting) #ChrisJay
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