MattAndCam - Best Vines Video Compilation

sionemaraschino why does this make me so happy?
Its not a cockatoo. Its a Wopatoo.
When sports gets awkward... #MattNCam
Magic trick gone wrong #MattAndCam
#HowTo get out of bath time
I just came to say...
And who said cars will never fly?...
Baby you light up my world like nobody else!
No hidden emotions here!
As happy as a dog on a trampoline
This is basically me trying to fight...
#HowTo Scare the crap out of a cat.
"Its like youre my mirror"...
#Howto not dive in...
I just came to say...
Wait... What?.. How?! #MattAndCam -with Matthew Paquette
Spider cat be like...
"Its not the strength of the body that counts, but the strength of the spirit" -with Matthew Paquette #MattAndCam
{Whoever it is you may be,  it is your friends who will make your day}
There she goes!
Tag your best friend!! Cameron Goldsworthy #MattAndCam
The Puppy Workout.
Her attempt vs My attempt at "Look At Me Now"
"Dont even think about taking my pizza" #MattAndCam Cameron Goldsworthy ps. No cats were harmed also not my video original video
The Kung-Fu Kitty!
Goal celebration fail
That Vertical Though...
"Shut your mouth when youre talking to me!"
The most intense moment ever on Vine.
Hipster Goat
The Whitney Houston Sloth
The inspiring vertical.  Tag someone you know with such a fierce jump!
My ride be like...
Barrie, ON Canada
Nice one Niall... Nice one...
Ive been keeping my eyes wide open
Youre welcome Vine.
I hope this puts a smile on your face!
Does this count as annoying?
Never. Say. Never.
"Would you lie with me and just forget the world"...
How most guys talk to girls vs how I talk to girls...
Sometimes... You just gotta dance! #MattAndCam Cameron Goldsworthy
The true talent behind Eminems new song
His attempt vs my attempt
Half way there bud
Just girly things.  #Justgirlythings
Their gonna hear me ROAR!
That escalated quickly...
Irony at its best...
"So I hear you like Chinese food..."
I didnt know Lionel Richie had a cat?!
...Woaaah!!!  #Remake of MAX JR & Jerry Purpdrank |
I give you... The Wopping Cat!
Sail Squirrel
Barrie, ON Canada
Her attempt vs My attempt (part 2).
Its whats on the inside that counts
You may not know this about sheep...
Weve all been there
When you dont get called in for work...
Patrick always was a little weird...
Dont even know what to call this!!
Spongebob Wrecking Ball
Welcome to the redneck Olympics...  Matthew Paquette #MattAndCam
I always knew he was real!!
That escalated quickly... ;) Taylor Head dancing in slowmotion in a big green suit at the malls escalator #MattAndCam Cameron Goldsworthy
Proper Computer Posture vs My Computer Posture  w/ Matthew Paquette #MattAndCam /recorded by Lauren Goldsworthy
{A winner is someone who gets up one more time than he is knocked down} #MattAndCam Cameron Goldsworthy
Sometimes cupcakes brings back our worst memories
That leap though!!
Every time this song plays...
Well I wouldnt say "friends"...
Nom nom
Barrie, ON Canada
Im not afraid...   W/ Matthew Paquette #MattAndCam
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